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A-TEAM Sp. z o. o. is implementing a project entitled:

"Pro-innovative services as a way to implement innovation in A-TEAM"

As part of the Intelligent Development Operational Program 2014-2020, Measure 2.3 Pro-innovative services for enterprises, Sub-measure 2.3.1 Pro-innovative IOB services for SMEs.

Project objective: increasing innovation and potential of A-TEAM Sp. z o.o. by using pro-innovative advisory services supporting processes development and implementation of solutions for new products:
development and implementation of solutions for new products:

1. glasses with a centrally placed 1080p camera,
2.4G 1080P camera
and a new production method for these devices.

Financing agreement no. POIR.02.03.01-18-0063 / 18 Co-financing of the project with the EU PLN 827 365.00


ALSEN Gaming Mouse Driver

Click the button on the right to download our latest ALSEN Gaming AX500 mouse software

About us

The A-Team company was founded out of passion and in reference to new trends that have emerged at the turn of the last years. This commitment forced us to take actions to promote the increasingly popular e-sport in Poland. We are active participants in this field. In our ranks we bring together people who actively participate in e-sport competition at a professional level. People for whom gaming is more than just a hobby is a way of life. We try to listen to their suggestions, and the conclusions have an outlet in the range of products we are the creator. These are not random accessories. Every aspect of the product is thoroughly thought out in terms of ergonomics, functionality and quality in order to meet the needs of our customers, giving them a tailor-made product. Our plans are constantly expanding our offer with products, for which we invite you to visit our website www.a-teamgear.com



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